Christina Reneé Hanna was born October 16th, 1986 to Filipino and Cuban parents in the State of California. After only 6 months, her family relocated to Parsippany, NJ, where she spent her childhood. At the age of 6, Christina suffered an injury to her right eye, shattering the inner lens, and she in unable to focus light in that eye to this day. As a youth, Christina was very involved with church and participated in performing arts with the worship team. During her High School years, her good friend, Lucia Menessara, being of Pakistani decent, introduced her to Belly Dance.

Christina gave birth to her daughter, Cambria, October 4th, 2006. In the winter of 2007, Christina and her family were having dinner at Turkish Restaurant, where the Belly Dancer had gotten every single person out of their seats to participate. Dreading it, but seeing no other choice, Christina danced with her. Knowing a few moves from Lucia, the dancers started mimicking each other back and forth, and the entire restaurant began clapping and going wild! She had experienced her first performer's high and began researching the world of Belly Dance. Once she saw Rachel Brice's videos on YouTube, she fell in love with the Tribal Fusion Style of Belly Dance and began sewing costumes and studying the art vigorously. She relocated to South Florida at the end of that year, which opened doors for teaching and performing. She became a well-established performer in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. She also worked extensively with Dumbek drummer Ken Ives, utilizing him for creative choreographies.

A huge influence in Christina's dance style came into her life in 2011 through Monika Guerra, original member of the Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange. Together they reformed Echoes of Hawaii, a Polynesian Dance Troupe in South Florida, where she added Tahitian and Fire Flow Arts to her repertoire of dance. The two remain great friends to this day.

In 2017, Christina relocated back to the NYC/New Jersey area and committed to dance full-time. When not traveling or performing at private events, teaching dance is what she most thoroughly enjoys. As an Artist, her goal is to revolutionize the Belly Dance World by infusing other World Dance Styles and through Empowering Women in order to bring more unity and peace with the Middle East. "Every Renaissance comes to the world with a cry, the cry of the human spirit to be free.” - Anne Sullivan.
Christina would like to thank the following Artists for their influence and love throughout the years: Abby Rosenthal, Monika Guerra, Carmen Garson, Ken Ives, Olga Saretsky, and Paty Renda.

Meet the Troupe

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Michelle Tempany

Other Half

Michelle Tempany and Christina Hanna have been friends since childhood, participating in Performing Arts in Youth Group. Michelle has a rich athletic background in cheerleading, field hockey, softball, as well as musical performance. She is a poised and strong performer.


Amy Pavao

Mama Bear

Amy Pavao grew up in the world of dance with over 15 years of experience in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and now Polynesian Dance Arts. A beginner aerialist and belly dancer, Amy's grace and determination makes her a perfect addition to the Hips of Fire team.


Elijah Bailey

Legit Ninja

Elijah Bailey is the newest addition to the Hips of Fire troupe. He is a 2nd degree blackbelt and the Isshinryu National Champion 2017. He incorporates his MMA training in his choreographies, and is one of the only Professional Male Fire Dancers in the Tri-State area.

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