Schedule of Online Classes


1pm | Shimmies & Bumps | Beginner Belly Dance



1pm | Twists | Beginner Belly Dance



11am | Flow Class | Staff, Poi, Hula Hoop

1pm | Figure 8s | Beginner Belly Dance



1pm | Undulations | Beginner Belly Dance



11am | Belly Dance Props | Veil, Cane, Sword, Zills, and more

1pm | Isolations & Arm Movements | Beginner Belly Dance


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School of International Dance

Specialty Workshops

Christina travels the country for teaching specialty workshops, specifically for incorporating Fire Dance into your performances, the Business of Professional Dance Artists, World Dance Fusion, Speaking Engagements, and more!

Next up: Fire Dance Workshop

March 31st, 2018 | 4:30pm – 6pm

I Love Yoga Studio, Dania Beach, FL

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Online Classes Daily

Christina teaches a 5 Topic course for Beginners in Belly Dance, focusing on undulations, figure 8s, twists, shimmies, arm movements, and isolations. The beauty about this class is that you can drop in at any time! Both lunch time and nightly classes are available, as well as a Level 2 class for those with the basics under their belt. Prop classes for Professionals, as well as flow arts and Workshop streaming.

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Private and Online Lessons

Christina is a teacher first and foremost. She loves working one-on-one with students to help them reach their personal and professional goals in the world of dance, and gives attentive mentoring to ensure your success. Specialty World Dance Drills to improve your dance, choreography brainstorming, and guidance in the business of dance are just the beginning. For inquires on Private Lessons and/or Online sessions,

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